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Hey, this is Stonedog.

We're a California rock band who love 70's power pop with a healthy dose of 80's new wave thrown in for good measure.

New classic rock for driving around with the music up and the windows down.

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=DUNN='s Top 10 Van Halen Non-Hit Hits 

In no particular order, we give thee =DUNN='s top 10 non-hit Van Halen tunes:

1. "Dirty Movies" - Fair Warning
2. "Hear About It Later" - Fair Warning
3. "In A Simple Rhyme" - Women And Children First
4. "Could This Be Magic" - Women And Children First
5. "Women In Love" - Van Halen 2
6. "Secrets" - Diver Down
7. "Drop Dead Legs" - 1984
8. "Girl Gone Bad" - 1984 
9. "Feel Your Love Tonight" - Van Halen 1
10. "5150" - 5150

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